Nice to Meet you I’m Karma: What I’m Learning About Karmic Connections/Soul Agreements


Have you ever met someone where instantly everything just felt right? You finished each other’s sentences, knew what the other person was thinking, and never had to argue about what to order for dinner? Those connections seem magical and almost too good to be true, right? Yea, that’s not a karmic connection. Typically with karmic connections you meet someone that you get along with fairly well, may feel drawn to them like perhaps you met them before, another lifetime maybe? With this person no matter how deep or surface level you may get with them, it always feels like there is a blockage. This blockage could be physical or mental, but there is always something or perhaps someone standing in the way of you two getting closer. Karmic connections can get intense. You could feel irrationally drawn to this person despite feeling like maybe they aren’t the best person for you or you for them. They don’t call/text when or how you’d like them to. They don’t read your mind or give you exactly what you need and they could careless about your wants, but for some reason your spirit feels inclined to keep them around, to not let go, to ride this crazy rollercoaster as you figure out why they were placed in your life and why in the world can’t you get this person off your mind?

Known as, “soul agreements” in the spiritual /mystical realm, this connection is basically one your soul made with this person’s before you existed to teach you something, to push you past your boundaries, to shatter your ego, to make you relearn everything you thought you knew, to help you grow.

Karmic relationships can feel extremely deep early on. This person is often in the back or forefront of your mind, you feel a heaviness around them and you feel triggered in different ways by them.


Karmic connections often come with a huge transformation in the end. You simply are not the same after experiencing this person. Karmic transformations can force you to go within yourself and do a lot of soul searching that is meant to help you become a higher version of yourself.

Here are a few ways to tell if you are experiencing a karmic connection with a person:

  1. You feel an unexplainable connection to them, even if you’ve just met.
  2. There is a heaviness feeling around them
  3. You feel somehow indebted to this person or as if you owe them something or them  you
  4.  You may feel the need to withdraw or separate fom this person, but don’t want to lose the connection
  5. It’s not simple for you to explain your feelings for them to yourself or others/ your emotions are filled with complexities

As beautiful as karmic connections can be in the end, they can also bring a lot of toxicity. Often karmic relationships can come from relationships with narcissist. If you are involved with a narcissist the best advice I could give would be to separate yourself from that person as quickly as possible as they can lead to drawn out years of overall heartache and pain.

Karmic connections can be messy af but they can also lead to you becoming your highest self which is always beautiful. Learn what you can from everyone you can as you continue to stretch, grow, and elevate to that person you’ve always dreamt of being.

As always,

Love & light


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