Turning Pain Into Passion: How This Singer Overcame Her Domestic Violence Situation With Music


You can’t tell what a person has been through simply by looking at them, certainly not in Rozen’s case. She’s beautiful, has an infectious laughter, an energy that can brighten any bad mood and a voice that leaves you wondering how such a small woman can be packing so much heat. After my husband who was producing Rozen’s project, explained to me that it was all about domestic abuse, I also being in a previous emotionally abusive situation was intrigued. After meeting Rozen I knew two things: 1. She was extremely talented and 2. I was going to write about her story.

So here I am several months later finally telling the story that brought me to tears when I first heard her music and again as I replay her interview of how she escaped her domestic abuse relationship and used her passion to transform her pain.

Rozen always turned to music as a way to escape. When she first realized she had a passion and talent for singing at the tender age of four, she used the bathroom as her personal singing booth as she belted away songs that carried her from whatever issue she was facing at the moment, making almost anything feel like she could conquer it.

What were some of the early signs of abuse?

After an argument over me not allowing him to use my laptop he became verbally abusive before pushing me into a wall causing me to hit my head on his motorcycle helmet which caused my head to bleed. There was also the time where he held me down and covered my mouth so no one could hear me scream all while sitting on my chest and telling me he loved me. Then there were the constant lies and manipulation.
What is your message to women facing abuse?


I was there. I was the person that people told me I sounded like an abuse victim in denial. I would say, oh he just had a bad day at work. Or things will get better. They never did.I also want to say I don’t just advocate for women going through domestic abuse. Not just wome but men, gay, straight, young old its not just limited to women. Domestic abuse is relevant to everyone. Listen to your support system and the people that are still around you, because your abuser will try to alienate you from your friends and family. Listen to your gut because you will feel it. You will know deep down inside that it isn’t right. You need to really just be aware of the feeling that this is wrong.


beat .png

After three years of the back and forth abuse Rozen finally got the strength to leave. Her boyfriend needed to stay in Michigan to help his families business. Rozen knew this was the perfect opportunity to plan her escape. She played the perfect girlfriend role for three months until the time came for her to go back to LA leaving him to believe they would be long distance. Once she got to Los Angeles Rozen got heavy into church. She prayed constantly asking God for the strength to be able to leave, and within a few weeks she officially ended her relationship. After attending counseling, journaling and belting out her thoughts as her therapy the same as she did as a child she was ready to finally create her project. Named after the pages in her diary, Rozen’s Pages EP was inspired by the many pages in her journals that were filled with her recounts of the nights she laid awake not sure if she would make it out of her potentionally deadly relationship.


rozen pages.png


Rozen not only utilized the pages in her diary to come up with the title of her ep but also the names of every track before the songs were even penned. She knew exactly what she wanted to express in every song and knew that this project was much bigger than her.

“Maybe somebody else needs to hear this.”

Rozen thought as she came up with the concepts of her songs. With titles like “Hands on Me” and “Forbidden Fruit” Rozen’s usage of double entrendres makes the hard to swallow topics smooth and sultry revealing a message behind every lyric.

Adding that she hopes that healing comes from this project not just from herself but the many people still facing abusive relationships.

You can learn more about Rozen and her story at Officalrozen on Instagram and check out her pages EP on soundcloud and iTunes.

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