The Power of the Tongue The Subtle Art of Speaking Things into Existence


Have you ever said or thought about something then all of a sudden it happened? Maybe you said, I miss this person and moments later they were calling you. Perhaps you said this day couldn’t get any worst and then out of nowhere something drastically worse happened. Did you ever say man I could use some extra money right now then suddenly you got an unexpected check, deposit or job opportunity? Literally, all of these have happened to me and often more frequently than not. With me being a writer I’ve even noticed this in things I’ve penned. From manifesting people, places and things into my life that I had only ever written about to living out experiences I had written in the past. It gets kind of creepy sometimes and at this point I’m wondering why I have not written about myself becoming a billionaire but I digress…the point is the tongue, the word, your thoughts are extremely powerful, so much so that we should work on being extremely mindful of the things we think, say, and in my case write. It’s an uphill battle to filter through the thousands of thoughts we have daily and choose to only focus on the positive ones but these tips should help at least to get started.

1. Is this helping or hurting 

Before you speak, write out a message or allow yourself to dwell on a negative thought, first ask yourself, is this helping or hurting my situation? How is this thought going to change my situation? Let’s say you just got into a huge fight with someone and all of your thoughts are on things you could have said to hurt them or get them back. You’re angry, you’re hurt, you want them to feel whatever rage you feel. How is this going to help you? Will your pain go away when this person starts hurting? How is you even focusing on this negative situation helping you to feel better? It’s not. You replaying scenarios that did or didn’t happen and only consuming emotional poison that in no way is going to make you feel better is only going to attract more negativity regarding the situation. Let’s say you constantly get emails about bills you can’t pay, you staring at them feeling bad about them is not going to pay them, it’s only going to attract more bills into your life. If I know I can’t pay a bill at the moment, the last thing I’m going to do is keep talking about it, looking at it or allowing it to affect me. Focus on the good. What can I do to make some extra money to pay this bill? How can I correct this situation with my loved one that I’m at odds with? What changes can I make to get out of whatever negative situation I’m in? Redirect your thoughts when you feel negativity brewing into positive ones as soon as they arise.


2.  Redirect your words

It can feel so easy to say negative things sometimes. We constantly give ourselves negative self talk, redirect compliments to say something negative about ourselves because God forbid we simply say thank you and accept the compliment, and we say so many negative things a day it becomes normal. I’m tired, I’m ready to go home, I’m broke, I’m sad, I’m depressed, I’m fat, I’m ugly, I’m lonely, and the list goes on and on and on. When we speak these negative self-defeating words into existence, again we are  claiming that we are these things so guess what if you feel this is what you are, this is what you deserve, then it must be true, so this is what you will receive. By redirecting your words you’re not lying to yourself but you are viewing your situation in a more positive light. I’m broke becomes I’m working towards being more financially stable, I’m fat becomes I’m actively working towards becoming more fit, I’m tired becomes I feel a second wind of energy coming on as Oprah has proclaimed to say often when she is feeling tired. Redirecting your words may take a while to get used to especially when you’ve gone your whole life speaking down on yourself but just like everything else in life, the more you practice it, the easier it becomes.


3. Speak it then see it

So how do you speak the things you want into existence? Well, the principle is that it is no harder to will a pencil than it is to will one million dollars into your life. While you may or may not agree, by denying the power of your word, you are denying your ability to manifest things into your life and whether you choose to agree or not, you do it on a daily basis subconsciously. Practice saying the things you want and only the things you want daily. feel the emotions you will feel when you receive them, practice gratitude for the things you already have and say thank you now for the things you want. This is something I’ve been practicing lately. I thank God for all of the things I have and even the things I’ve yet to receive because I have this kind of borderline psycho belief in myself that I know I am going to receive everything I desire in life. Be clear with what you want. Don’t say I want a romantic partner, that could literally be anyone. Write down a list of what you are looking for, speak the things you want out loud, be grateful for this person. Do this with everything you want. Do you want to be in your dream career? Act as if you already are. What would your day to day life look like? What time would you wake up every morning? What would you do when you got off work? How would you prepare for your day the night before? Start actively doing everything in your power to prepare your mind for the life you want. Be grateful for it every day. Speak about it as if you are already living it and watch how little things begin manifesting in your life and then things you never even imagined you could have. Remember everything you want is already yours, you just have to start acting, speaking and thinking like it already is.


As always,

Love & light



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